Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why You Do Need Your Director and Officiant at Your Rehearsal? - by Guest Blogger- Jessica Carpenter

Do you need both your Wedding Coordinator and your Officiant at the Rehearsal?  

by Guest Blogger and Wedding Professional

Jessica Carpenter - Creating Your Moments


The answer is YES.  Weddings are a time of celebrating two people pledging their lives to each other. What could possibly be stressful about that? One of the easiest ways to calm your nerves about the wedding is to practice the ceremony. While your Director can show you all of your parts of the wedding, it is highly recommended to also have the Officiant there. Directors and Officiants can work hand in hand to create a seamless ceremony because they have different functions in the process. Many couples think they can have the rehearsal with only one present.  Let me show you how you can have a better experience with both.
 As a Director, I can show you where to stand and how to get there. We can practice where you come in from and how fast you walk to get there. I can also show you how it will look the day of your wedding! All aesthetics questions can be answered by your Director.  We can make sure you are confident in the look of the ceremony for the day of your wedding. Many couples feel this is good enough. I do not share that opinion and here is why.

Officiant Danielle M Baker and Me
Your Officiant plans every part of your ceremony. Some Officiants will customize a ceremony just for you. When they do this, it is with the thought of your personality and what will make your ceremony special. As the Director, we do not know how the Officiant will move between each part of your ceremony. The day of the wedding, your director will not be in the front with you to tell you how to how to get where you need to go. Your Officiant will be the only one to guide you and they don’t know what you have practiced and what you are surprised by if they weren’t at the rehearsal. They also can prepare the family for the recessional and make it seamless the day of the wedding! 

Photos by Seasons Photography 

When the Director and the Officiant are both present, you will be completely prepared for your ceremony. One will show you how to get there and one will show you when to move throughout the ceremony. It may be more expensive to have both present but I promise you will not regret it! 

 Jessica Carpenter

Creating Your Moments

Happy Rehearsing!  Danielle M Baker - www.TheWeddingLady.us


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  2. Good point. A wedding looks so disorganized without a run through. Including the officiant is a good idea too!

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